Hello Everyone!

This is our new blog and we hope you enjoy it! We started it a little late but I’ll attempt to catch you all up! So far we have:

  • Developed a detailed project plan to keep us on track for the rest of the year
  • Re-designed the back half of our chassis in SolidWorks
  • Began to modify the rear half of the chassis
  • Gone roller skating together
  • Ordered a motor, motor controller, batteries, and started working with our Battery¬†Management System (BMS)
  • Bought, rode, and disassembled a KTM dirtbike currently sitting in our lab
  • Planned out our electrical system and started working on PCB’s
  • Designed an impact attenuator
  • Nailed down the hardware for our control system
  • Created a rough Simulink model of our vehicle
  • Spent many a Friday and Saturday night in Thayer
  • Cleaned and organized our lab!
  • Raised funds for the team (and no intention to stop now!)
  • Talked to lots of different people about cars, hybrids, and the like
  • Learned more than can be expressed in words from said conversations

So that’s the idea! There are of course little things here and there but that’s the bulk of it. This week we filled out our Electrical Systems Form and we have our mentors from General Motors coming out to the Granite State for a design review! This weekend we are giving a presentation for the First Lego League here at Thayer! Stay tuned for photos, videos, and more about all these wonderful things!


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