Winter Update

Hello Everyone,

As you can see there’s lots of activity here at DFR. We’re working on the battery pack, the battery management system, the main controller for the car, the engine, and the chassis! As you saw, we were modifying the chassis up in Canada at VR3 Engineering. They worked with us to complete the job and now we have a beautiful chassis sitting in our lab!


and here’s the old back all chopped off. Sorry DFR 2104 team members 😦


We’ll keep this half to take suspension points off of and help place the shocks for the rear suspension. With the chassis complete we can start mounting the other components in the car!

The engine just came back from BoltonWorks in Connecticut. They did a 3D scan of the engine and created an incredibly detailed SolidWorks model from the point field they got from scanning it. This gives us an exact model to use when building the engine mounts for the car. Getting to see their facilities was a treat! Thanks guys!

On the engine testing front we’ve been in discussion about how best to test our new ECU and engine in the car. We’re discussing a test rig we can hook up to the engine while it’s in the car, more on that later after the holidays.

On the controls side we’ve managed to connect all the electrical components over CAN Bus and obtain data from them on our central controller. We’re storing this data in a SQLite database so we can access it for our control algorithms. Things are really coming along!



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