The First of Many

This past Saturday we had our first “Build Day,” a day where the team gets together and works on the car for 4 hours. We made a lot of progress putting the suspension together, planning the mounting system for the engine and motor, testing the impact attenuator foam (the crush zone), and further designing our grounded low voltage system. The chassis is finally starting to look like a car! The controls team has the hybrid controller taking in data from the motor controller, engine control unit (ECU), and battery management system (BMS) and storing it in a database to be used for powering the motor and logging data. The DFR web app is also on its way with data displaying on the page, but not in real time sadly.

The goal is to have the car basically built by the end of this month so that we can start testing components in February. We’re working hard to make it happen! Here’s some pics from the build day itself:




DFRTeamPic (2).jpg

P.S. If you want to donate some doughnut and coffee money (great motivator!) for our build days please feel free to do so on our website or send us a check at:

Dartmouth Formula Racing

Thayer School of Engineering

14 Engineering Drive

Hanover, NH, 03755



The Motor is IN

The Emrax 228 has finally arrived from far, far away! This is our first week back on campus and the team is pumped to keep things going. Here’s a pic of Ben and the motor so you can see how glorious (and small) it is. BenMotor