Motor Bench Test

This week we built a bench test for the motor and attempted to get it spinning! Sadly it didn’t go through the commissioning process as we had hoped but we’re on it! Debugging is always 90% of the work. We did have fun putting it all together, getting high voltage safety training, and hearing the inverter whine away. For those of you who don’t know we’re working with an Emrax 228 motor and a BAMOCAR D3 controller. Keep watch, for we’ll post a video once we have it running!

hunterAnd Test Bench


Here it is in all it’s glory, the emrax 228! Even though it’s made for gliders we’re going to make it work for our car. Here we were hooking it up, trying to phase our resolver.


We can’t crimp our Phister connectors without the proper die and huge arbor press (or hydraulic crimper), so this will have to do!



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