Accumulator Coming Together!

We of the ENGS 89/90 “Electric Powertrain” group have been working hard since the fall to get a battery pack worth of the 2016 DFR car together.  When we last checked in on the DFR blog, we had only a very basic idea of what the battery pack might look like, and how it would fit into the chassis.  Well, things have changed, and we’re proud to present the (nearly) complete design of our battery pack!

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A few of the key numbers and features of the pack:

– pack is 300 V @ top of charge
– 5.2 kWh rated capacity
(4.16 kWh per FH rules derating)
– (84) 20 Ah LiFePO4 cells
– 75 kW peak discharge; cts. rating pending tests
– air cooled by (4) 210 CFM, PWM fans
– riveted aluminum container construction
– mica sheet insulation w/o conductive penetrations
– draw latch closure; cells held down by ribs on lid

We are building the first pack prototype now, and we hope to test it by midweek.  Keep your fingers crossed that everything goes well!

– Ben Parker ’16, Battery Pack Technical Lead


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