Full Control Pipeline

We’ve got it! We’ve got a full control pipeline! Data comes up from the vehicle components like the engine to our controller and we are able to control the motor based on that data! This is a huge deal for it means we have hybrid control in our vehicle working and we can’t wait to test it in the car. What we have running in this video is a very simple linear control algorithm for testing purposes that demands a speed from the motor. In the car we will demand a torque from it instead of speed and have a much more complex state machine enabled so that the car is better optimized for the endurance event and has shut down procedures.

On another note Alex and Khet made some rear suspension tabs today so we will hopefully have that done by March 11th and start rolling things along. Pictures to come.


If you want to know more about the BAMOCAR or Emrax 228 please email us at dartmouth.formula.racing@dartmouth.edu (we’ve learned the scaling is quite tricky on the BAMOCAR!)


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