Spring Break Part I

Hi There,

It’s been a while since we’ve updated you. It’s spring break here at Dartmouth but DFR is not taking a break, in fact we’re just gearing up! We’ve been doing lots of work fabricating our designs and changing them along the way of course. We just submitted our last 3 big forms to Formula Hybrid last night so we’re off to the races! Here are a few photos from our days to give you an idea of what we’ve been up to:

This was at about 4AM after we finished prepping the chassis for some final welds! Team Leaders unite


This was driving the chassis to Maine to be welded by our friend Aaron who works for Soleras LTD.


At Aaron’s house we tack welded the battery box but soon found that the mig torch was not so good in all the tight corners we have. image3

Thanks Marden’s for this great hanging chair! New addition to the lab and absolutely crucialimage4

We made the engine mounts and the engine is now sitting in the chassis without straps!image5

More welding pic’s at Aaron’s house. This is one of our battery cages.image6

Lastly a nice picture of our seat belt position! image7

That’s all for now! In the days to come we will have made the electric powertrain mounts and finished our welding!


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