Sorry it’s been so long since we wrote. When we got home from competition we were in the midst of midterms and fabricating term long projects. Now with graduation done we can sit back and fill you in.

Feel free to read the article the valley news wrote about us at competition:

and also this article by the Concord Monitor:

Competition was a long 4 days but we learned a lot from the other teams, worked hard, and got the car working by the last day for the endurance competition. It took us a little over three hours to get through electrical inspection though and by the time we were done we didn’t get through Mechanical in time to race. We would not have passed mechanical inspection anyway because our cockpit was too small. We were proud of the work we did and two weeks later Thomas and I got together and took the car for a spin behind Thayer, here’s a video!

And another!

The thunk you hear at the end of the first video is Thomas hitting a pothole, but she survived thanks to a killer skid plate. She drives beautifully and we can’t wait to get her running on gas and drive her some more. Issues still to tackle are a reliable hybrid controller and charging the batteries in an efficient way.

We just want to say thank you to all our sponsors for believing in us and helping us complete a working car. We may not have raced at competition but the future looks good for a professionally built, reliable, and thrilling to drive racecar this summer and next year.